The collection of links to information and resources below have been designed to give support to school teachers wishing to organise activities or find resources.
IYA Discovery Guides   CSU Monthly Webcasts   Galileo Teacher Training
Resources providing monthly IYA educational outreach activities and their adaptation for Australians   Webcasts each month from Australian telescope. You can request images   Training and resources for
school teachers
NASA IYA News   School Based Activities   Universe Awareness
Information and hot topics
to discover each month
  Some of my ideas for school based activities in 2009   Resources for teaching
astronomy to young children
Australian IYA Science Teacher Events
February 12 Teachers Preview at Sydney Observatory
March 20 Astrophysics for Physics Teachers in Sydney
May 15 - 17 Teacher Workshop at Parkes Observatory
June 4 Teacher Workshop in Melbourne
July 4 - 7 CONASTA Conference in Launceston
September STANSW Annual Conference
Other Resources
Documentary   Tons of Resources   CSIRO Science by Email
400 Years of the Telescope   A huge collection of astronomy teaching resources   Weekly email from CSIRO with activities for educators
ATNF Teacher Resources   Space Weather Viewer   Classroom Resources
Huge collection of astronomy resources for physics teachers   See amazing images of the Sun   Teacher resource collection
from NOAO
Presentations   Starchart Handouts   Sun-Earth Day Lessons
PowerPoint files for the IYA   Free, simple and effective
starchart to handout
  Lesson plans from NASA themed around Sun-Earth Day
Documentary   Classroom Demonstrations   All About Telescopes
Fully Downloadable Official Documentary of IYA09   Some astronomy demonstrations
for year 10 and 12 in NSW
  Space Telescope Institute's
resources on telescopes
ASA Teacher Resources   Galileo Galilei   Galileoscope
A collection of student and teacher resources by the ASA   Wikipedia page on Galileo   Educational resources to
accompany the Galileoscope

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