School-Based Extracurricular Astronomy Appendix

Jeff Stanger - Sydney Girls High School and Sydney Observatory

SGHS Astronomy Club Our internet page Teaching/sghs egg drop challenge.pdf SGHS Egg Drop Challenge Teaching/sghs_rocket_workshop.pdf SGHS PET Bottle Rocket Challenge

Activities and Resources An introduction to Astronomy IYA 2009 information for Australian Teachers Index to a huge collection of astronomy education resources for IYA 2009 Resources and networking for school astronomy clubs A newsletter for astronomy clubs ASPís Project ASTRO and links to many resources A support network for amateur astronomy clubs to assist them in public outreach Search the night sky network resources NASAís Afterschool Universe resources A free newsletter for astronomy educators Large booklet of astronomy activities Faulkes telescope ASISTM project legacy site Current Australian project using the Faulkes telescopes in schools,23626.html More information on the Faulkes Telescope Project SGHS Astronomy Club Faulkes telescope Resources for the HSC physics syllabus including several on astronomy topics Dark Matter educational package Misconceptions about the Big Bang article A multitude of resources for astronomy education Create your own constellations Astronomy activities for young children

Observing nights intro to what can you see in the night sky Letís go stargazing! Observing the international space station and having a star party Tips for holding a viewing night Monthly skymaps Information on messier objects you may observe

Astrophotography How to articles

Discussions - Astronomy news services can stimulate discussions on certain topics or give you ideas.

Quizzes  An example of quiz questions online

Podcasts and Vodcasts Ė These news services are audio or video and can be used as resources The ABCís StarStuff Ask an Astronomer videos ESApod Slacker Astronomy Astronomy Cast

Podcasting - You can get your students to produce an audio show for the ipod. A good place to start more introductory information More information The most popular podcast management software

Software Ė There is a lot of excellent free software available to help you teach astronomy and here are some examples. Celestia is a 3D solar system simulation you can fly around and observe the universe. Stellarium is a virtual planetarium. You can observe the sky from Earth and how it changes. WorldWide Telescope allows you to easily view images from the worlds observatories and much much more. and Google Sky is an extension of Google Earth and is wonderful for showing people images anywhere in the sky. shows 3D distribution of astronomical objects in our galaxy.

Competitions A contest for 2009 to win observing time on the Gemini telescope. Vote on what the Hubble telescope will look at next.

Documentaries and presentations 400 years of the telescope. The official documentary of the international year of astronomy. PowerPoints for the IYA 2009.

Online Telescopes CSU Remote Telescopes in Bathurst. A growing network of online telescopes in New Mexico, USA and South Australia.